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Be The Friend!

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Belong. Children need that sense of belonging...

They need to feel they belong in the family, in the neighborhood and in the school community.


One of the important ways to develop that sense of belonging is through friendships.

However, many children struggle to make and keep friends.

















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The second book in the series, Mr. Munson’s Itvice on Bullying, introduces a fourth grade student who is being bullied.


Stuart MacDuff has had enough of this hurtful situation situation and meets with Mr. Munson to learn some strategies to help with this problem. The bullies, the bullied and the bystanders are addressed in this important lesson for K-5 students.

Mr. Munson's Itvice is an 800 word picture book. It teaches young school-aged children the secrets to friendship.


The book’s title comes from a former first grade student. She sweetly misheard the word ‘advice’ but knew exactly who in her school could help her with her friendship problem.


Our Story

Nancy Nolan

Nancy was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. She taught elementary school in rural Indiana, inner city St. Paul and suburban Minneapolis. The last 18 years of her career she was an elementary school counselor- her favorite job! Nancy bases the book’s ‘Mr. Munson’ character and his “itvice” on these many satisfying years.

A subtitle to this first book could be ‘A Lesson on Friendship’. Friendship issues were primary reasons children approached Nancy for counseling. Many children make and keep friends easily. For others, this skill is quite challenging. Children need to know they have a support system within their families and communities. Within the school several people can fill that role, including the school counselor.

In Mr. Munson’s Itvice, the central character is Ellie. She is struggling to make friends and bravely writes a note to Mr. Munson asking for his help. In the book, summary points and suggested activities deliver a complete lesson on friendship.

Stuart MacDuff is the main character in the second book, Mr. Munson’s Itvice on Bullying. He seeks help from the counselor after hearing a lesson on the subject. Through courage and some humor, he learns some ways to show confidence, kindness and skill towards the bullies.

Nancy is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She and her husband live outside of Minneapolis, MN









Kathryn Scadden

Nancy and Kathryn plan to develop a series of Mr. Munson’s Itvice books with topics that include respect, responsibility, making mistakes and forgiveness, decision making, showing kindness... and more.


Mr. Munson standing and pointing to the book author and illustrator plans for future series of books.

Illustrator, Kathryn Scadden, was also born and raised in Western Massachusetts. Nancy and Kathryn are sisters, and both have teaching experience.


Kathryn taught art at the high school and college levels, she is a Board member of the Copley Art Society and has had several art showings in the Boston area.


Kathryn’s early interests were in sculpture, seascapes and landscapes – not really illustration. However, several years ago, Nancy and Kathryn began collaborating on using art to enhance student counseling.ᅠ Kathryn grabs young readers’ attention with whimsical illustrations and colorful detail. She hopes children smile as they look for Mr. Munson on every page while Ellie follows his ‘itvice’.


Another visual adventure awaits readers in Mr. Munson’s Itvice on Bullying as Kathryn inserts ‘lucky ladybugs’ throughout the pages. Readers are encouraged to count the hidden ladybugs and then find the answer concealed in an illustration. Humor and whimsy are woven into this most serious topic.


Kathryn is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She and her husband live near Boston, MA.







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“Mr. Munson has done it again. His "Itvice” for kids on handling bullying is down-to-earth, practical, and sound. Of course Nancy Nolan’s book delivers the “Itvice” in a fun and engaging way. A copy belongs on the shelf of all parents, teachers, and counselors.”


-David Walsh, Ph.D.

 Psychologist and Author



This children's book by Nancy Nolan is a great reminder and lesson for children of all ages about the importance of respect, consideration for others and kindness. It applies concrete lessons for students on how to deal with bullies as well as thought questions that may just get bullies to think twice about their behavior. It should be required reading in every classroom.  Today's child needs help in dealing with bullying and its effects not only on the one who is bullied, but on the class and the bully him- or herself. They will find a clear and well written lesson in this book.


-James P. Burns, PhD, ABPP

Dean, Woods College of Advancing  Studies and Summer Session

Associate Professor, Dept of Counseling Psychology, Lynch School of Education

Boston College


Instructor in Psychology

Harvard Medical School



"This book is a fun, thoughtful, informative, and encouraging review of what the "bullying experience" looks like and how it makes people feel.  Mr. Munson's Itvice on Bullying explores a variety of strategies that will empower students and will have the potential to elicit change in others.  A great resource for professionals, parents, and those who address this sensitive topic and who want to help children handle bullying effectively!"


-Michelle Luers, Ed.S.

Minnesota School Psychologist



Mr. Munson’s Itvice on Bullying is wonderful and fantastic!  Nancy Nolan, once again, captures her reader’s attention with a valuable lifelong lesson.

The colorful illustrations are delightful and charming.  This book is a favorite in my family dental practice!  My patients enjoy reading this amazing book as they wait for their dental visit.

I highly recommend this book for children and families as a must read!


~Mackenzie King Platt, D.D.S.



"The themes presented with such care in this book resonate deep within all of us, who recognize our own experiences with personal conflict in the articulate narrative and spirited illustrations. This book opens channels for conversations between children and caregivers, which is vital for children’s healthy development and joy in learning.


~Lisa Fiore, Ph.D.

Dean of Faculty, Professor

Lesley University

Cambridge, MA









"Nancy Nolan taps into her wit, wisdom and experience helping children with practical advice for making friends. Kids will love and benefit from her tips."


-David Walsh, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Author



"This book will unlock the mysteries of friendship formation for all young children. Mr. Munson's "real secret" to making friends will resonate with teachers, parents, and children alike."


-Kathleen McCartney, Ph.D.

President, Smith College, Northampton, MA

Former Dean, Graduate School of Education

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA




"…teachers, counselors, parents and children should read this book."


Gary M. Amoroso, Ph.D.

Former Superintendent of Schools



"Nancy Nolan's first book, Mr. Munson's Itvice, engages children with one of the mostᅠconfusing aspects of childhood – how to make and keep friends. The illustrationsᅠby Kathryn Scadden are both compelling and comical, so children will find the visual experience of the book to be fun and enjoyable.ᅠ I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy Nolan's work to you."


-Bruce Kramer, Ph.D.

Former Dean, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

University of St. Thomas

Minneapolis, MN



"Nancy Nolan knows children.ᅠ She understands what they worry about and what will help them…ᅠ This wonderful book, Mr. Munson's Itvice, is a must-read for young children and... I look forward to sharing this special story with the children I love."


-Mary Jo Austad

Second Grade Teacher

Lakeview Elementary School

Lakeville, MN



”Children will be captivated and intrigued with the colorful, fanciful illustrations by the talented Kathryn Scadden. This book taps into a child's natural curiosity and …is full of "teachable moments". It is sure to become a book to be enjoyed over and over again."


~Brenda Knowlton

Former Preschool and First Grade Teacher

Lakeview Elementary School

Lakeville, MN


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